Saturday, August 15, 2015

Late Summer Adventure: St Louis History Museum

Thursday was Jessica and Jordyn's last day of summer vacation, so we took a trip to St. Louis and spent it exploring the St. Louis History Museum with them, Papa Dave and Grandma Helen. None of us had ever been to the History Museum, and it was so incredible!  There was so much to see and lots of exciting stuff for you all to do. Well, all of you except Cecilia who rode along perfectly content and happy in her red umbrella stroller.
After the history museum we had lunch on the Delmar Loop, we stopped for ice cream cones at Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop (Grace got cotton candy ice cream on a plain sugar cone that had been dipped in chocolate and rolled in rainbow sprinkles. Cecilia was too young for a scoop. Next year, lovey!)
Below are a few photos from our incredible day. What do you girls remember about this adventure?

A giant statue of Thomas Jefferson stood at the entrance of the History Museum. Daddy loves Thomas Jefferson, so we had to get a group shot with him. :)

Looking into a 3-D photograph machine from the 1904 World's Fair. 

Heading into the Children's Wing of the museum. 

Papa Dave and Grace pulling the horn on a steamboat. 

Pressing a souvenir penny!

Bread and Buttered in St Louis, MO! 
It was a beautiful day!  Grace switched spots with Cecilia and you girls happily posed in front of the fountain at the entrance of the museum. 

After we left the museum we headed to The Delmar Loop for lunch. This is three of you posing with one of the popular Bicentennial birthday cakes that were placed all around St Louis last year. 

We ate lunch at Ranoush, a Syrian restaurant. Here, Cecilia digs into a plate of hummus, baba ganoush and tabbouleh salad. 

Cecilia's souvenir: a pioneer bonnet

Grace's souvenir: a pioneer paper doll sticker book exactly like this one. 
And the biggest surprise of the day...
Grandma Helen got her nose pierced!   Yikes! 

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