Friday, August 21, 2015

Grace's First Day of Kindergarten!

 Wow!  What a whirlwind two days you have had!  You were supposed to start school yesterday, but do to a snafu with your registration information, you weren't able to go until today. It was fun getting to spend one last day with you before you officially entered into kindergarten, though!  We went shopping at the Co op, mailed some stuff at the post office (you got a root beer Dum Dum sucker and loved it!) spent some time outside swinging and playing and then headed to your open house at school so you could see your classroom and meet your teacher.
You're in the "Frog" room and it is so bright and inviting. Your teacher's name is Mr. Gonzolo, and you seem a little unsure of him, but I bet you end up really liking him. He seems fun and full of energy. After your open house we went with Mazzy's family and had an Oreo blizzard at Dairy Queen, then it was home to bed for First Day #2! :)
This morning was smooth sailing. You were up and at 'em and eager to go. You ate a big bowl of oatmeal with raisins and peanut butter and then we loaded up into the car and drove you to school. You seemed a little worried when it was time for me to leave your classroom. I think we were both feeling nervous,and I was holding back tears, but I know you're going to love it and I can't wait to pick you up in a few hours and hear all about your first day. I hope it goes well, that you had lots of fun and that you continue to blossom into the fantastic young lady I see you becoming. Your future is so bright, Grace. I'm excited for you and for all of the promising things that your life holds.


It wasn't even cold out, but you insisted on wearing your fleece vest and your pink stocking cap
to Day #1 of Kindergarten!  :) 
Ice cream with The Miller's!
Amy, Mazzy, you, Josey, Grant
Me and Sissy
First Day #2--You're a Parrish Panther!  ROAR!!!
First Day of Kindergarten Lunch: cheese stick, ham rolls, zucchini muffin, kiwi, celery sticks and a strawberry. 

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