Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ringing in the Year--2016!

We spent New Year's Eve 2015 at The Bishop's and had fondue (chocolate and cheese!) with them and the Barton family. This is the second time we have rang in the New Year with them, and it's always a great time. We eat, watch the balldrop and bang on pots and pans at "midnight", which is actually 8 pm. Hahahah!
Grace's resolution was to take swim lessons. Daddy and Cecilia didn't make resolutions, and Mommy's should probably be to write on the blog more. (Sorry!)

Things we did in 2015:
  • Grace graduated from Pre-K!
  • Cecilia started walking!
  • Grace turned 5 and had her first friend party at our house!
  • Cecilia turned 1 and we had a party at Papa Dave's house!
  • Mommy and Daddy got married!  (Grace was the maid of honor, the flower girl AND the ring bearer. Cecilia slept through the service but woke up for pictures. :)
  • We hiked the Little Grand Canyon!
  • Grace started the TWI kindergarten program at Parrish. Go, Panthers!
  • Pop Pop died in February of an abdominal aneurysm. We miss him so much. 
  • Halloran was born in May! 
  • Grace joined Daisy Scouts and started ballet!
  • We dressed up like a circus for Halloween (Grace was a lion tamer, Cecilia was a lion, Mommy was the bearded lady and Daddy was the strongman.)
  • We bought guinea hens and named them Frankie, Brownie and Inky, An owl killed Inky so we gave Frankie and Brownie away until we could build a coop to keep them safe. 
  • Grace got her first official haircut!

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